Learning Environment


Housed in a 2-storey modernized building by providing a safe, warm and conducive environment for children where a love for learning is nurtured. Each air-conditioned classroom is accommodated with various learning equipment, providing a cozy and stimulating atmosphere.

EtonHouse Yangon is committed to establish a caring and courteous community, which embraces the principle that every child matters.  We are passionate about paving the way for children to reach their long-term objectives by preparing them to face their future with enthusiasm and motivation.

Class sizes emphasize educationally sound student-teacher ratios, reflecting our commitment to ensure a quality education with a high level of pastoral care.

Moreover, we provide a dedicated catering to ensure children nutrition needs are met the best way possible.

The campus includes:
•    Fully-equipped classrooms
•    Hygienic dining room
•    Extensive Grounds for recreation, sports and learning.

All teachers are qualified professionals, possessing good educational qualifications and personalities, to complement the students.

This page was last edited on September 23, 2016